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By Blanca Taylor, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist
Most people know at least something about Social Security. For decades, Social Security has been pro- viding valuable information and tools to help you build  nancial security. Here’s your opportunity to  nd out a little more, with some lesser-known facts about Social Security.
1. Social Security pays bene ts to children.
Social Security pays bene ts to un- married children whose parents are deceased, disabled, or retired. See Bene ts for Children at www.socialse- for the speci c requirements.
2. Social Security can pay bene ts to parents.
Most people know that when a worker dies, we can pay bene ts to surviving spouses and children. What you may not know is that under certain cir- cumstances, we can pay bene ts to a surviving parent. Read our Fact Sheet Parent’s Bene ts, available at www. pdf, for the details.
3. Widows’ and widowers’ pay-
ments can continue if remarriage oc- curs after age 60.
Remarriage ends survivor’s bene ts when it occurs before age 60, but ben- e ts can continue for marriages after age 60.
4. If a spouse draws reduced retirement bene ts before starting spouse’s bene ts (his or her spouse is younger), the spouse will not receive 50 percent of the worker’s bene t amount.
Your full spouse’s bene t could
be up to 50 percent of your spouse’s full retirement age amount if you are full retirement age when you take it.
If you qualify for your own retirement bene t and a spouse’s bene t, we always pay your own bene t  rst. (For example, you are eligible for $400 from your own retirement and $150
as a spouse for a total of $550.) The reduction rates for retirement and spouses bene ts are different. If your spouse is younger, you cannot receive bene ts unless he or she is receiving bene ts (except for divorced spouses). If you took your reduced retirement
 rst while waiting for your spouse to reach retirement age, when you add spouse’s bene ts later, your own retire- ment portion remains reduced which causes the total retirement and spous- es bene t together to total less than 50 percent of the worker’s amount. You can  nd out more at spouse.html.
5. If your spouse’s retirement bene t is higher than your retirement bene t, and he or she chooses to take reduced bene ts and dies  rst, you will never receive more in bene ts than the spouse received.
If the deceased worker started receiving retirement bene ts before their full retirement age, the maximum survivors bene t is limited to what the worker would receive if they were still alive. See ners/survivors/survivorchartred.html for a chart.
Social Security helps secure your  nancial future by providing the facts you need to make life’s important de- cisions. SS
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