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Dear Friends,
Already we are in our third month of 2018. Tempus fugit! And, as long
as it doesn’t pass too quickly, we shall be okay. Like many of you, I am at an advanced age and would like to slow the process down, for though Ponce did not find that Fountain of Youth, scientists have certainly discovered other ways to lengthen life expectancy. Thinking
along that line I have had some recent experiences with the medical industry that might be of interest to our readers, if not themselves, then perhaps for a friend.
For several years I have had leakage around the mitral valve in my heart, monitored by my cardiologist. Recently I noticed I was becoming shorter of breath, wheezing, and fatigued. My doctor arranged for some tests, and I quickly became a candidate for a heart catheterization followed by a mitral valve clip procedure at Florida Hospital in Orlando. It is pertinent that during all this I never experience any chest pain. Still, it was something that needed to be fixed and emphasizes the need for all of us, as we age, to be followed by a cardiologist or primary care physician who is knowledgeable of the intricacies of the heart.
The entire procedure necessitated a four-day hospital stay for me because I had experienced some major heart problems previously, mainly a dissection of the ascending and descending aorta. The operating team was very careful and wanted to ensure no surprises, so they did a catheterization first. Finding all clear, they then did the mitral valve clip procedure. You can view the work of the team that did my operation by going to FloridaHospital Mitral Clip video. I do feel better and have more energy; if I could shed the fibromyalgia, I would be a new man – almost. I recommend that you at least talk to your doctor about getting checked for mitral valve leakage, and that goes for women as well as men.
For the next several months you will see us supportiing the Boniface-Hiers raffle of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner to benefit the Sheriff’s Foundation that helps members of the Sheriff’s Deparatment. Helping each other will become more of a necessity as we all age and become more dependent on already scarce financial resources that support many organizations in Brevard County. Also know that your support is much appreciated by the Sheriff and his people who are first responders. Joe Steckler
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