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Discover the Autumn House Molly Tucker Admissions Coordinator & Marketing Associate
Recently, as I was explaining that Autumn House has been open 20 years, I realized that on April 1, we will actually be closer to being open 21 years than 20 – our first resident was admitted on October 1, 1997! This is no small feat. I’ve been told that when Autumn House opened, it was surrounded by trees and cow fields – nothing like the Viera Community I have come to know and love.
Autumn House was among the first of its kind in this area and has consistently maintained the high quality of care. Our recent “facelift” boasts new floors, fresh paint, updated appliances and cabinetry, new baseboards, doors, technology, and landscaping. And while we take pride in how our basic architecture is intentional in its design for dementia care, we are more proud of what almost 21 years means to our quality of care. It means that our medical professionals are seasoned and dedicated; it means that several of our staff members have close to two decades of work here, with all forms of dementia; it means that our multisensory activities programming is critical to engage residents with levels of dementia needs; it means that we have refined a service to the Viera Community that 21 years ago opened in the middle of a farmland.
We are grateful for the family members who have trusted us, the staff who has worked hard for us, and the residents who we have come to love throughout the last two decades.
Cheers to 20 (or 21) more years!
Do you have questions about the “HECM”?
Barbara McIntyre, CRMP Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, NMLS#453405
A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), also known as a reverse mortgage, is available exclusively to homeowners and homebuyers age 62 and older. Proceeds from a reverse mortgage can be used in any variety of ways. For example: supplementing retirement income with a steady stream of funds, creating a rainy- day fund, covering medical expenses or in- home care – even buying a home. You can choose to get the money as a lump sum, monthly advances, line of credit, or a combination of these.
The funds you receive are generally not considered taxable income, and don’t affect Social Security or Medicare benefits. You should consult a tax professional for information about your specific situation. When a HECM reverse mortgage, becomes due, you or your estate must repay the lender in a timely manner for the loan balance, which includes the funds you used plus accrued interest and fees. However, the HECM is an FHA-insured, non- recourse loan, which means that you can never owe more than the value of your home when you or your heirs sell your home to repay your reverse mortgage. The HECM reverse mortgage debt may be satisfied by paying the lesser of the mortgage balance or 95% of the current appraised value of the home. If you or your heirs would like to keep the home, the loan balance can be repaid by refinancing or using other assets. Once the loan is repaid, any excess sale proceeds and/or equity in the home belong to you or your heirs.
Please feel free to contact me at 321-259- 7880 or visit Serving the state of Florida NMLS#1661149.
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