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Scleral Contact Lenses – A New Therapeutic Treatment For Patients With Ocular Surface Disease or Severe Dry Eyes
Some of the most frustrating conditions a person can experience with their eyes are blurred or distorted vision, severe dryness, excessive tearing or ongoing irritation. In many cases, the cause of these symptoms is a corneal surface that is irregular or that has some form of corneal diseases.
Fortunately, there is a new therapeutic treatment for such conditions known as scleral contact lenses.
“Having ocular surface disease causes people to experience blurriness and distortion of their vision, and is not correctable by traditional eyeglasses or contact lenses,” according to Dr. Michael N. Mandese, O.D., F.A.A.O., Optometric Physician and Chief of Neuro Eye Services at The Eye Institute for Medicine & Surgery.
Until recently there were relatively few non- surgical treatment alternatives to help improve the quality of life for patients experiencing ocular discomfort or distorted vision due to corneal injuries or diseases.
“The scleral contact lens compensates for the absence of a smooth corneal surface by providing what is, in essence, a new, enhanced ocular surface mush smoother than the one that the patient presently had,” states Dr. Eric R. Straut, Optometric Physician and Low Vision Specialist at The Eye Institute for Medicine & Surgery.
“The new smooth surface created by the scleral contact lens bends light in a manner that was intended to help many people optimize their visual potential and eliminate blurriness and distortion they were previously forced to endure, “adds Dr. Mandese. TREATMENT FOR DRY EYES – AN ADDITIONAL BENEFIT OF SCLERAL CONTACT LENSES
Patients with severe dry eyes or corneal surface diseases may be excellent candidates for Scleral Contact Lenses. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mandese or Dr. Straut at 321-722-4443.
Affordable Glass Protection, Inc.
Van JacksonService Officer
Jackson, owner of Affordable Glass Protection, Inc., began the company in 1992 in his garage. At the time, he purchased pre- made shutters and focused on sales and installation. His only advertisements were handmade signs Jackson spray painted and hung in palm trees along A1A.
Just two years later, with an increase in business, Jackson moved the company. Now, more than 14 years have passed since Jackson’s garage days, and the company manufactures, sells, installs and repairs a wide variety of hurricane shutters. Jackson sells high-velocity, accordion fold, colonial, and Bahama shutters as well as Armor Screen and a complete line of removable storm panels. In fact, Jackson’s company is the largest Armor Screen dealer in Brevard County.
“I understand this is a fear industry – based on all the hurricane predictions,” Jackson said. “So many people have lived here for 25 years and decided this is the year they will put up shutters.”
“We’ve shuttered two and three houses for some customers,” Jackson said. What keeps them coming back? Jackson says it is his education process and the ability to do the job “the way it should be done.”
“We try to educate as many customers as we can on the pitfalls of the industry and try to provide them a quality product at an affordable price,” he said. “When we leave your house you will have answers to all your questions, not just sold a bill of goods. “We do what should be done prior to the purchase and after the purchase.” For more information, please call 321-722-9996.
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