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Dear Mom and Me
We invited our mother to come and live with us, until she was over the ordeal she suffered, nursing my father through his  nal illness.
We live in a very small three bedroom house, so we decided our eight year old son would have to give up his room andsleeponacotinthelivingroom,ratherthanmovehisteen age sister from her room. Unfortunately my mother has made no arrangements to move, four years have passed and our
son wants his room back, and we want him to enjoy his teen age years, surrounded by his own stuff. Family tensions are very intense now and all of us are getting very resentful. What should we do?
Dear Sharon,
Your teen age son deserves to have his own room back, unfortunately your mother is not thinking about your family’s disruption. There are many alternatives you can try, and please start as soon as you can. Are there any other family members who could help you with her care? Would she be able to go to a small private apartment herself? Could she register for a small apartment in a section eight housing area near you? Many
of these apartments have long awaiting lists, especially for women who are alone. Could you if zoning in your area allows it convert a garage into a bedroom? If your mother is  nancially able she could consider a retirement complex close to your
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home. Inquirer in your local area about other alternative senior housing arrangements at your local Division of Aging in the state where you live. Audrey
I agree with Mom. Other arrangements must be made. I am surprised your domestic life did not explode before now. I would also include your mother in the discussions. Not to ask permission or give her an opportunity to say no, but allow her to make some choices. If section eight housing looks promising does she want a studio or one bedroom? Does she prefer  rst  oorasopposedto fth oor?Themoreyouincludeherinthe decisions the less traumatic it will be for all of you.
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