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By Sam Mazzotta
DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I had animals all my life until my wife and dog died seven years ago. I got a cat two years ago when a neighbor moved. Last year, another neighbor gave us her cat after having a baby. The two cats -- both  xed females -- got along  ne from start. What’s curious is, one jumps up on my bed every night and walks up to my face. When I put my hand out to pat her, she starts licking my arm, wrist to elbow, with her sandpaper tongue! Seems she is checking that I have not deserted her! Do I taste that good? What’s so tempting about my arm?
-- Dr. William H., Central Falls, Rhode Island
DEAR DR. WILLIAM: You may taste pretty good to your cat, but I think you’re on the right track when you say she seems to be checking that you have not deserted her. Many experts believe that cats groom their housemates
Senior Scene® | April Issue
When Your Cat Cares a Little Too Much
-- both felines and humans -- as a way of showing they accept you as family, that they trust you and that they are caring for you.
Sometimes excessive licking is a sign that a cat wants more attention. It can also be a sign of anxiety or stress. However, that seems unlikely since your cat does this routinely and seems calm.
So the only question that remains is: Does it annoy you? If so, try gently redirecting the cat from your arm, maybe to snuggle against your shoulder. If it’s really annoying or she doesn’t stop after a few redirects, get up and walk away for a few minutes. She may eventually get the message.
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