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Senior Scene® | April Issue
Letter from the
Hold on! We are already in April, heading full speed ahead into another great summer. So watch our Calendars and pick your favorite events to enjoy. I hear so many of our readers comment on how many events and activities are available in our area.
Another word of self-promotion, please read what the advertisers have to say carefully. Many of them are telling you about seminars and services that are free and of great value to our readers. We do have many business people that truly care about us.
Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? If you don’t already volunteer, there is surely a worthwhile organization that can use your time and talent. You can  nd many such groups listed in one of our two calendar sections.
I don’t know about you, but we are using this great time of year to play tourist as much as possible. So get out while the temperatures are great and before the real tourists arrive.
Hope you enjoy our April issue and see you next month.
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