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Cover Artist:
Gina Hulse, Acrylic Artist & Teacher
Senior Scene® | February Issue
My art is my diary. Each piece stems from my imagina- tion and express- es a day of happi- ness, loneliness, sadness, frustra- tion or pain. The viewer is able to
take a glimpse into my life by look- ing at my paintings. Whenever I paint I allow my hand to work with my heart. The canvas or paper is just a means of transferring my thoughts and emotions into brush strokes, color and movement. I can go through a whole range of emo- tions when I’m painting.
As an artist and art teacher,
I strongly believe that the main purpose of the arts is for healing, they make life a more pleasant experience. Art enriches people
in their daily living. My goal is to create paintings that will nourish, delight and  ll the mind with a sense of wonder. Holding a brush in my hand becomes an extension of something within, a pouring out of myself, so to speak. That makes me vulnerable in a sense, but my painting is really a wanting to give of myself.
Inspiration for my vivid and bright color palette comes from my native Cayman Islands, where coconut palm trees pervade the landscape and white sandy beach- es stretch for miles dotted by quaint cottages of various colors and white picket fences. I have been drawing and painting for most of my life. Also a musician, some of my paintings contain ex- pressions of jazz, others of serenity and calmness. My vivid, colorful work is representational, a blend of impressionism and abstract. I specialize in simplifying forms, uti- lizing color to express the essence of the subject matter. Working toward simpli cation of ideas and form, objects or ideas are reduced to a few elements that comple- ment one another. SS
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