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40 Years on, Debby Boone still lighting up our lives
Debby Boone’s recording of “You Light up My Life” not only became a monster hit of 1977, but went on to be- come one of the most popular songs of the decade.
“I have a hard time believing it’s been 40 years,” said Boone. The album of the same title released that year be- came certi ed platinum (1 million in sales in the U.S.), yet it was never released on CD when the new music format became popular in the 80s.
“To celebrate its 40th anniversary we have just released the original album on CD for the  rst time, along with addi- tional tracks,” explained Boone. Distrib- uted by Real Gone Music in December (see, more than a dozen bonus songs are featured on the disc including several vintage recordings of 60s pop classics such as “He’s a Rebel” and “Popsicles and Ici- cles.”
“It’s been such a long time since these were recorded – some with my sisters – I didn’t even realize some had never been released before.”
Boone grew up in a musical family with three sisters, two parents,
and a grandfather (Red Foley) who were all singers. And while she may have been destined for a career in entertainment, it wasn’t her original goal. “I’ve been an animal lover since I was a little girl and thought I might become a veterinarian.”
That all changed when she was 14 and accompanied her father, Pat Boone, on a working trip to Japan so the family could remain together. “He made a mistake and put me in his show!” she said, laughing. “I got a taste of the work and loved it, so that’s when I knew for the  rst time I had the ability to be an entertainer.”
Just 21 when “You Light Up My Life” became a hit, Boone had to adapt to fame quickly (see www.deb- and still recalls hearing the song for the  rst time.
“I came home to my parents’ house and my mother said Mike
Curb (Executive at Curb Records) had brought a cassette of this song they wanted me to record. At that point, I had only performed with the family, so I was shocked because we hadn’t talked about me doing anything on my own. But I was pleased when I heard this lovely song and my parents were supportive when I  ew to New York to record it.”
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