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I did my Research,  nally.
By Deborah Right, PhD, Med Press
My mom always told me, “Do your research Deborah.” This is a rule I’ve learned to live by and it
has served me well. Don’t get me wrong, I bought the wrong car, the wrong washing machine, and even married the wrong man, once; however, it was bad medicine that taught me my  nal lesson. Not doing your due diligence prior to choosing your physician can lead to problems that no court can remedy.
Recently I came upon a quote from Dr. Ralph Zipper that was my call to action. He spoke the words of my mother. When asked what he recommended for women with urinary incontinence, he stated, “Do your research.” I thought, “Wow, this doctor gets it!”
Being a medical journalist, I requested an interview with Dr. Ralph Zipper and his partner, Dr. James Raders of Zipper Urogynecology Associates. Prior to the meeting, I did my research. Their list of accomplishments is astound- ing.
• They have trained over 1,000 surgeons from around the globe.
• Recently honored for performing more Interstim® treat- ments for OAB than anyone in the world.
• They are the inventors of Thermal Colporrhapy for No- Mesh prolapse surgery.
• Dr. Zipper is the inventor of Incisionless Vaginal Rejuve- nation® as well as the only Laser being used
for this worldwide.
• Over 5,000 incontinence and prolapse surgeries per- formed.
• Zipper Urogynecology is the birthplace of painless laser therapy. The worlds only laser treatment for
overactive bladder disease.
• Zipper Urogynecology is the national center for Meshless Urogynecology. While many doctors are being deposed for complication of mesh surgery, Dr. Raders and Zipper serve as national experts assisting
injured women. They have developed some of the most promising methods for no-mesh surgery.
After doing my research, I met with Dr. Zipper and
Dr. Raders. I was humbled by their humility, kindness
and approachability. I asked Dr. Zipper about the Zipper Urogynecology mantra, “Do your research.” He told me what I hoped to hear. “Deborah, there are many caring and skilled physicians; however, identifying them can be dif cult. The consequences of mediocrity in medicine are much graver than the consequences of a below average dry cleaner. You must do your research. Look for multiple bad reviews; yet don’t let a single bad review discourage you. Ask your doctor for their personal complication and success rates rather than quotations of national statistics. Get a second opinion. Be alarmed if a doctor discourages a second opinion.”
In the end, mother knew best.
Three weeks after my consultation, I went back to Zipper Urogynecology Associates, but this time as a patient. My research served me well and now life feels normal again. I am smiling as I am typing.
For additional information please call Zipper Urogyne- cology Associates at 321-674-2114 SS
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