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Many Ways to Experience Brevard’s Heritage
Since its founding in 1966, members of the South Brevard Historical Society (SBHS) have worked hard to be faithful to its mission statement: “To inspire a love of history through preservation and education”.
One way SBHS does this is through our monthly programs. At our last meeting Lyle Lathe, who was instrumental in developing a drag way at Valkaria Airport in the 1950’s through much of the 1960’s, told stories about, and showed photos of, the locals and well-known racers that converged at Valkaria to look at some great cars, as well as test their hardware and driving skills by racing each other.
We also support restoration work by members of our community. One great example is the Hell’n Blazes Brewing Company on New Haven Avenue. The many uses of the building since its original construction in 1894 are told through the restored building’s exterior as well displayed artifacts recovered during the remodeling.
There is great value in historic
preservation and restoration. I encourage each of you to read
about Green Gables (http://www. and consider supporting its preservation. Its rescue will leave a legacy not only of the original owners, the Wells family, but also of the people who saved her.
SBHS members also like to experience history. For example, in place of our February 10th meeting this month at Melbourne’s Fee Avenue Library, SBHS will be participating in “Pioneer Day”, a partnership between Sams House at Pine Island and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The event
is located on North Tropical Trail on North Merritt Island, runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and has something
for everyone in the family: history (of course), art, music, and natural scenes. Visit for additional information.
And lastly we would like you to “Save the Date” for Saturday, March 10, 2018. The South Brevard Historical Society will host a presentation by local author Sarah Younger titled “A Woman’s Journey into the Heart of the Florida Frontier”. Sarah’s program
will detail the book of the same name, based on a true story that took place around the time of the Civil War. The
By South Brevard Historical Society
Each brings his or her skills, compassion and focus on life to this very important time of life.
Referrals: 800.93.VITAS
Information: 800.723.3233 SINCE 1980
novel follows the life of Sally Ann Marsh and tells her life’s story at a time when Florida was very much unsettled and most of the men in the community were away. Sally, her family and friends try to build a community among the unforgiving heat, mosquitos and reptiles all the while hoping for their men to return. The program will be held at 3:00pm to 4:15pm at the Melbourne Public Library (540 E. Fee Avenue, Melbourne).
Please visit the South Brevard Historical Society’s website (http:// for further information about Brevard’s history and local events. SS
Bringing the Best in Hospice Care to Brevard County
VITAS brings quality of life to the end of life for patients and their families.
VITAS relies on a team of hospice experts:
• physician
• hospice aide • chaplain
• nurse
• social worker • volunteer
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