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Since this edition is filled with information about the car, I want to add a few words. Mine come from 24 years of working to get people to support causes that help people. I fully realize that what is important to me is not always important to others but I want to try. And, while we can not solve every social justice problem we can try to do better.
Over the years I have written many independent columns on need,
people problems, percieved social injustices and problems we experience as we grow older. After all this writing I now find myself in the same situation as many who we try to help with regard to health issues. The difference is that in most instances I have the wherewithal to solve/fix my problem or fulfill my need. Not all are in such a situation and to assist these we started Helping Seniors. We knew when we started the organization that we would never be able to solve all problems but we did know that we could help by being a contact point for connecting seniors to resources that were available. We then became an information and education source for seniors and those who cared for them. And, the need for an endowment to assist us and other nonprofits became quite evident.
Building an endowment also requires that we build financial stability for Helping Seniors so that the basic organization exists. This we are accomplishing and continued efforts to make this happen will result in accomplishing that requirement so that we can work on an endowment. I have long maintained that planning for the future is abolutely necessary as numbers of elders increase and governent and other funding resources decline.
Nonprofits that conduct business without building a self sustaining financial base can easily be placed at risk. I remember a conversation I had with a local nonprofit director, who when asked what he would do if financial assistance for one of his major programs were eliminated, replied that he would no longer provide that assistance to the public. I have always believed we could do better and with effort and belief we can do better. We need all the help we can get, and the raflle is one way to help us.
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