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Jennifer Helin Seniors Helping Seniors
Having someone “Steal your heart away” sounds good at any age. Unless they really are stealing. While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this month of love may be the perfect time to make sure you are aware of the sweet heart scams that target seniors. Many seniors are lonely, live away from family, and are financially secure. A trifecta for a scammer.
The first is online dating. More seniors are reaching across the Internet through Facebook and dating sites finding love and rekindling past relationships with great success. Guard your heart though, according to Online Personals Watch, one in ten dating profiles is a scammer. The last six months of 2014, a total $82 million was lost due to on-line romance scams. To protect yourself, follow some simple protocols. Do not give out personal information. Be wary of someone who professes their love too quickly. If you are going to meet, do so in a public place and bring friends along who can covertly “watch your back.” Never send money.
The second is live and in-person. It could be a neighbor or caregiver. The scammer targets a senior who is lonely and needs assistance. They start helping but slowly take over. They refer to one another as boyfriend or girlfriend. The scammer takes over all aspects of the senior’s life, including medical and financial decisions. They purposely isolate family. This happens in our area more than people know. The caregiver turned girlfriend who took the savings, sold the home, and moved the gentleman to a trailer in the middle of nowhere. A wealthy woman whose handyman turned caregiver kept her medicated and took an enormous amount of money. Protect yourself by hiring caregivers through reputable, licensed companies. Plan ahead so that in times of crisis you do not make rushed decisions.
Define and Reach Your 2018 Financial Resolutions
August Velten, CLU
The New Year is upon us, bringing a fresh opportunity to consider your goals. For 2018, we are taking a different approach to resolutions. Instead of giving you a laundry list of tasks to accomplish, we want to encourage you to make this the year you really own your financial life.
Imagine fast forwarding your life to December 31, 2018, and looking back on the year. What do you think you will have accomplished? How did your financial life change? What roadblocks did you remove? Answering these questions can help you identify your true goals for 2018.
If your vision for next year differs from where you are today, then you need clear strategy for making changes—and a plan to follow along the way. It all begins with knowing how to define and reach your goals.
According to a study on the science of achieving goals, 3 key steps make you more likely to achieve what you set out to accomplish:
*Written goals *Accountability*Commitment Using these findings, we have created 3
steps to help you set---and keep---your financial resolutions for 2018.
1. Written Goals: Define and record what you want.
2. Commitment: Outline specific action items for each day.
3. Accountability: Share your goals and progress with someone else.
Once selected someone to share your goals with, keep them in the loop on your progress. In fact, sending weekly updates to your chosen accountability partner can make you significantly more likely to achieve your goals.
As you look to 2018 and what you hope to accomplish, we encourage you to follow these steps to start out on the right path. We are always here to guide your financial goals and help you create the future you desire.
Here’s to a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year! Call me at 321-622-5418.
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