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Dear Mom & Me,
My parents are beginning to develop some serious health problems. We live two hours from a major city, and close to a popular retirement area. We thought it would be ideal for them to move closer to us. I made contact with local doctors, but found they either were not accepting new patients, or did not accept Medicare. I talked to a retired physician, who has also recently moved here. I asked her what advice she would have for me. To my dismay she said that when she moved here no one would accept her either, and  nally she asked one group, “Do you recall that you referred your patients to me in Boston, and now you cannot  nd a place for me?” Two days later she was called to say that they would accept her. How is an average person without contacts going to  nd a physician?
Mad and Disgusted
Dear Mad,
Finding a new doctor at any age can be dif cult. Being
a Medicare patient makes  nding a new doctor all the more dif cult for a variety of reasons. Call your local hospital and
ask to talk with physician referral and board certi cation. Drop by the of ce and observe how the staff talks with patients.
Talk to staff members to get a sense whether you would be comfortable as a patient in that of ce. Mom, I remember when you moved you had a dif cult time  nding a physician....
Yes, I did have problems and this is a very real, national problem. From the best sources it is only going to get worse, much worse unless there are drastic changes. There are many reasons for our present health care problems. As soon as one problem gets solved it seems two or three more problems arise. Along with tighter budgets and a growing aging population something must be done. See if your parent’s present doctor has any contacts in the new area, sometimes this works or at least you might get on a waiting list. Make sure all their records are up to date.
In the meantime if an emergency develops go to the local hospital emergency department.
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