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Senior Scene® | February Issue
Matilda Charles
Old Man Winter
Over half the country is being brutalized by cold weather, and unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be
long-term. Spring will come eventually, but meanwhile we need to take care of ourselves, our homes and our pets.
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vessels or malformations in and around the brain.
Stroke is the number one cause
of serious adult disability in the United States. For most stroke patients, rehabil- itation mainly involves physical therapy. To achieve this, stroke patients work with physical therapists who use training, ex- ercises, and physical manipulation of the stroke patient’s body to restore move- ment, balance and coordination. Speech and language problems arise when brain damage occurs in the language centers of the brain.
Many stroke patients require psy- chological or psychiatric help after the stroke. Psychological problems such
as depression, anxiety, frustration, and anger are common disabilities in people who have suffered a stroke. Talk therapy, along with the right medication, can help ease some of the mental and emotional problems that result from stroke. SS
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40 | | February 2018
• If you have to go out in the cold, dress in layers. Don’t
forget hat, gloves and thick scarf.
• Know in advance where the closest warming shelters are in your town. Keep a radio handy, plus batteries, for weather news. Carry a tiny  ashlight in your pocket at all times, in case the power goes out.
• Don’t forget to eat! Drink plenty of water.
• Sprinkle road salt, sand or even kitty litter on your sidewalks and stairs.
• Keep your cellphone charged up.
• Close blinds and curtains against drafts. Be sure the temperature inside is at least 68 F, because we seniors don’t feel the cold like we used to. If you run a space heater, don’t leave it unattended. If you leave the room, turn it off.
• *Even if you live in an apartment building, beware any sink, tub or shower that is on an outside wall. Try to keep the faucets open so a small trickle keeps the water moving. • If the worst happens and your pipes freeze, never try to thaw them out with any gadget that involves a  ame. It’s time to call in reinforcements, like your plumber.
• If you walk a dog, put a doggie sweater on it and get back in the house quickly. If you have a cat, keep it inside. Don’t let a pet stay outside, even if it has shelter.
For more information, go online to or call your local senior center for tips and help ... and think warm thoughts. (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc. SS
STROKE continued from pg 21
Stroke therapies include medications, surgery, and rehabilitation. Medication or drug therapy is the most common treatment for stroke. The most popular kinds
of drugs to prevent or treat stroke are antithrombotics – which include antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants – and thrombolytics. Surgical procedures can be used to prevent stroke, to treat stroke, or to repair damage to the blood

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