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Indexed Annuities
Are they right for you? By Jason ValaVanis, CFP®, ChFC
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I’ve surveyed thousands of American investors in my 28 years as a  nancial advisor. I’ve asked many to design their perfect retirement strategy. Remarkably, regardless
of their level of wealth, their answers seem very similar. Here’s what they tell me they want: Number one: Safety. They don’t want to lose their hard earned money; especial- ly knowing they can’t re-earn it. Number two: They want Growth. Actually, about eighty percent tell me they prefer moderate growth. Number three: Tax Management. Nearly everyone I talk with believes taxes will go up in the future, so their ideal retirement strategy offers a way to control or limit taxes. And, number 4: Liquidity. People nearing re- tirement tell me they want a strategy that enables them to live comfortably throughout retirement, taking income as necessary.
It really appears quite clear. According to most retir- ees, the ideal retirement strategy, if it does exist, doesn’t lose money, offers moderate growth, controls taxes & allows for the withdrawal of enough money to live com- fortably throughout retirement. This ideal strategy is a reality. It’s called a Fixed Indexed Annuity. Fixed Indexed Annuities protect your principal while offering consistent, conservative growth—and income, when needed, which adjusts for in ation. No other savings product does this.
Introduced in 1995, Fixed Indexed Annuities are built on the stable & safe foundation of Traditional Fixed Annu- ities. For nearly one hundred years, Fixed Annuities have provided modest yields averaging between two & six per-
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cent. A Fixed Indexed Annuity simply gives you the option of linking to an index, like the S&P 500, to see if you can outperform the traditional yield of a  xed annuity.
Sadly, most investors have a closed mind. This is why most investors earn very little in their investments. For decades, the term “annuity” was associated with a savings vehicle that was considered complicated, expensive, & illiquid. Well, those days are over. If you can get past the word “annuity”, you may be handsomely rewarded over time owning an annuity.
To explain it simply, let’s use an analogy. Remember the fable of “The Goose & the Golden Egg?” In the fable, it was more important to protect the goose than the egg... so the goose could continue to lay additional golden eggs. If one of the golden eggs was spent or lost, the goose could always lay another. In this analogy, your hard earned savings... your principal... is the goose. When you pur- chase a Fixed Indexed Annuity, your principal is invested into a very conservative bond portfolio that an insurance company manages. The principal is safe & generates an annual yield or return. The money earned is then linked to an index, enabling you to earn gains or interest on the prin- cipal as if it were invested in the market.
Knowing the market goes one of three ways: up,  at or down, the golden egg (or the yield) will either grow, stay the same or decline in value. Either way, the egg is the only element at risk; never the goose! Now contrast that to traditional investing, where we divide our “goose”—or principal—into many parts & risk our life savings by send- ing it to the market. A Fixed Indexed Annuity provides a strategy that only subjects the eggs to risk ... never the goose. Better yet, every year that your nest egg grows, you lock in your gains by adding them back into the principal,
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