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As the New Year starts, RestoraLife is celebrating the many patients they have helped take their life back from chronic pain.
When a new person walks through the door for their initial consultation, the story is pretty similar. The sentence heard the most is “I am unable to do the things I would like in my life because of my pain.” Pain can come from many different things. However, to the sufferer, it is a shackle that keeps them from living their life.
At RestoraLife, the medical team helps patients to discover the root cause of their condition whether it is a bone-on-bone joint, chronic back pain or
nerve condition. The medical director then selects
a speci cally customized plan to use the latest advancements in Regenerative Medicine to help combat the source of the problem instead of masking the symptoms.
Regenerative Medicine is something we are hearing a lot about recently, but what does it mean? Regenerative Medicine, consisting of treatments
like STEM CELLS, Concentrated PRP, therapeutic laser, connective tissue treatments, & more can help most chronic nerve & pain conditions.
RestoraLife utilizes these treatments in an individualized approach for each patient to provide
a non-surgical, restorative treatment option that promotes the body to heal itself, without a long list of medications or painful procedures.
By focusing these treatments at the source of the pain, they have helped thousands of patients with a wide variety of conditions; take their life back from pain.
What makes someone a candidate for these treatments?
Some examples of the problems walking through the doors are: A 92 year old female that still has plenty of life left but is unable to walk any distance without pain due to severe osteoarthritis of her right knee. This keeps her from being able to exercise
or comfortably do her physical therapy in order to maintain her health. Another female commutes from Winter Park for treatment each week because she found herself unable to sit or stand & walk without pain due to previous spinal compression fractures at the age of 62. A 73 year old man from Viera, who found himself sitting around due to painful knee & ankle joints, which frequent cortisone shots were no longer helping.
The above patients are among the many that are singing the praises of the staff at RestoraLife Regenerative Care. When talking with people in this
of ce a common theme is how happy they are that the medical team takes the time to understand & address their speci c pain. “They all care.” Mrs. Cruz of Viera, Florida states, “Dr. Leyte, Nicole & the rest of the staff took the time to understand the different issues that were causing the pain throughout my back & lower body & dedicated the time & energy to help  x it. After several weeks of treatment, I was in the kitchen dancing & cooking again.”
If you are a patient suffering from a nerve or pain condition that conventional medicine has not been able to help. Restoralife has an open door policy & invites you to stop by their of ce & take a tour & talk to existing patients being treated. If you would like to learn more about how Restoralife can help you with your speci c condition,
they offer complimentary consultations in their of ce
that was designed to feel more like a spa than a medical of ce. The treatments are state-of-the-art & medically advanced to help with the most dif cult cases, however, the environment they created is about healing & that is something a patient can feel when they  rst walk in the door. If education & learning is more your style, they also offer weekly seminars at local restaurants to allow patients the opportunity to learn more about the science behind these latest medical advancements in Regenerative Medicine.
See page 54 for details on this month’s seminars.
To reserve your spot or take advantage of the free consultation, please contact us at (321) 610 – 1848 or  nd us online at SS
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