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Dear Mom & Me,
My husband & I enjoy going to 10:30 church services on Sunday, & we also enjoy going out to nice restaurants. Why is it that parents with children under three, in spite of having nursery care
& crying rm.s provided prefer to take their babies into the service & allow them to cry & scream? They show no regard for the people around them or what problem they might cause the clergy. It also seems that whenever we choose to go to a  ne restaurant we also must tolerate screaming children & the possibility of food being thrown around.
We have tried to go to eight P. M. dinner but they are there also, & also at the 8 A. M. church service. Are the 55 plus a lost generation or is this the norm everywhere?
Dear Ear Aches,
This happens where I live also & frankly I think that I am in the middle of a day care. The decline in manners & the lack of concern for others is evident everywhere. Jeans, sweatshirts, &
sneakers have replaced the Sunday suit as appropriate wear for church goers & even church ushers. Restaurants cannot discriminate but recently it has become so bad that I have heard that some of our local restaurants are asking disruptive guest to leave. Maybe it will change, but we have gone so far down, how can it
go lower? I am afraid we will just have to accept our changing society & remember an era long past.
Dear Ear Aches,
Please, please lighten up Mom; give us young folks a
break. I am just
as annoyed to hear screaming children in church & in restaurants as you are. In some cases I have seen grandparents with grandchildren
be the loudest in church. I agree that it is an indication of lowering standards, but I think it is
seen regardless
of age. There is
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nothing wrong with children at church or restaurants, as long as the parents & grandparents use appropriate discipline. If things get out of hand leave church
or whatever public forum they are at in respect to others.
With the need for two incomes we have limited time to spend with the children, putting children in the nursery further limits
P. S. My generation enjoys casual, comfortable clothing. If you seniors tried it, you may like it. SS
A couple of ear aches
By Sam Mazzotta
How to Help Pets Beset by Tragedy
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DEAR PAW’S CORNER: How can we idly stand by when we see problems in the world that directly impact pets? A recent news story claims that in Venezuela, starving citizens are now eating their pets. I’ve also heard very little about the rescue or care of animals in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria destroyed its infrastructure. I feel helpless as to what to do. -- Kara C. in Los Angeles
DEAR KARA: In a month where we in the U.S. celebrate having plenty,
it can be dif cult to read about the suffering of people & pets elsewhere in the world -- & even within our own borders.
Since the end of September, rescue organizations have been working in Puerto Rico to evacuate pets that were already in shelters
on the island. These pets will be cared for & many made available for adoption on mainland U.S., freeing up shelter space for animals that
were separated from their owners by the hurricane. For example, shelters in the Indianapolis area
& surrounding states are taking in hundreds of these shelter pets, the Indy Star reports.
The situation in Venezuela also
is tragic & worsening. While the headline of the story you linked to
is alarming, the article doesn’t quite come out & say housepets. But other animals, including horses, reportedly are being slaughtered for food.
The best thing you can do when
you feel helpless is to pick one way to help, & concentrate on that. Whether it’s donating to a pet rescue organization, volunteering to help or donating supplies to a local shelter, or adopting an evacuated shelter pet, focus on one thing. Taking action will empower you & strike back at the darkness.
Send your questions, comments & tips to SS
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