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Senior Scene® | January Issue
Are you at risk for osteoporosis?
The Health First Bone Wellness Center is a specialized unit within our Orthopedic services, dedicated solely to patients with low bone mass, osteoporosis and fractures.
What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis and low bone mass is a condition where the bones become brittle and weak. As you age, you can lose too much bone, produce too little new bone or both.
What are the symptoms of osteoporosis/low bone mass?
Most of the time, people have no symptoms until they have a bone fracture. Other times people will have:
Back pain Stooped posture and difficulty walking Loss of height over time
Who is at risk?
About 10 million Americans have osteoporosis. Another 44 million have low bone density. Women over the age of 60 and men over the age of 70 are at risk.
Find out if you’re at risk by scheduling your DEXA scan today. Call 321.676.6322 ext. 5557 |
205 E. NASA Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901 (corner of NASA Blvd. and Apollo Blvd.)
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