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The Importance
of Information &
Joe Steckler, President Helping Seniors of Brevard
On December 1, 2017, I received a Superstar Award from 2-1-1 Brevard & Parrish Medical Center recognizing my work with Helping Seniors. It is a humbling experience to be selected by your peers for such an accomplishment, but after 38 years in the military & 29 years with nonpro ts, I know that such an achievement is the result of a team effort by family, staff, volunteers, & donors.
Driving home from the awards ceremony, I re ected on the many wonderful organizations we have in Brevard that serve people in need. Parrish Medical Center & 2-1-1 Brevard did a splendid job with the event - presentations & attendees were all supportive of programs that help people. Arriving home I checked the answering machine. News from our Information Specialist at Helping Seniors quickly brought me back to reality.
Helping Seniors had received a call from a 63-year-old woman who was living on civil service retirement of $895 a month & taking care of a 31-year-old disabled son. The son worked as a bagger to help out, but they were still living in
a van, paying $500 a month for medical insurance & $400 a month for two storage units containing all their possessions. They were getting a mere $15 a month in food stamps because they were MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY (but living
in their van).
The lady did not know where to start to try to solve
her immediate problems. She needed help, most of which concerned where to go for help. As questions were asked, it became apparent that what she initially called about was the tip of the iceberg. What she really needed was more information on the many programs available in Brevard that could help her with food, housing, & disability services.
We might say that this is a rare case, but in fact it occurs rather often, we just do not hear about it. Our ignorance does not mean that such happenings are not important or do not exist. On the contrary, these cases underscore the need for more education & information. The programs that help people in Brevard cannot be effective if no one knows about them. That is why organizations like Helping Seniors that inform, educate, & connect people to the help they need are such an important part of the care equation.
The title of this article is a wake-up call: all of us should
be more aware of the many nonpro ts that exist to serve others. Finding out that people who desperately need
help, especially with food, only receive assistance of $15 a month demonstrates the urgency of our mission. This type of information gathering also underscores the need for a County Aging plan that can bring together Comm. resources to plan for the future.
Joe Steckler is the President of Helping Seniors of Brevard, a nonpro t organization designed to advocate, educate, & fundraise on behalf of Brevard’s senior citizens. Feel free to contact us at: or calling :321-473-7770. SS
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