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RestoraLife Facilitates Pain Relief Through Healing
Pain can be categorized in many ways. One common distinction is acute vs. chronic pain. Acute pain typically comes on suddenly and has a limited duration. This could be an illness, injury, surgery, cut, burn, pulled muscle, etc. Chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain and is generally somewhat resistant to traditional medical treatments. It’s usually associated with long-term illnesses or injuries, such as osteoarthritis and  bromyalgia for example.
The limited duration of acute pain can be attributed to healing. The human body has an ability to heal, and pain is the communication signal the body uses to sum- mon and employ the resources and energy it needs to heal. As the body heals itself, the pain subsides. Even- tually, the pain should stop once the body is completely healed. But what happens when your body cannot fully restore itself and healing is left incomplete?
This is when acute pain becomes chronic pain. The human body cannot heal itself if it is lacking on the re- sources or energy necessary to fully heal. Factors leading to compromised healing are age, medical history, medica- tions, diet, digestion, circulation and more. By analyzing these factors, one can understand how healing was much easier and more complete when we were young. We sim- ply had more resources (stem cells, platelets, growth fac- tors) and our bodies were more ef cient at delivering them to the compromised area.
At RestoraLife, we analyze pain in terms of healing. We understand that chronic pain is often the result of in- complete healing. For one reason or another the body stopped short of full recovery or repair. We also know
that the body is still capable of healing and recovery if the source of the pain can be identi ed, and the body’s natural healing mechanisms can be recalled into action. Ultimate- ly, we know that if the body can resume healing, a reduc- tion in pain can be achieved.
This is how thousands of patients have reduced or eliminated their daily pain with RestoraLife. Treatments like Stem Cells, PRP, and therapeutic lasers are used to provide the body with the resources, energy and environment nec- essary for healing.
At this point the body takes over. It recognizes these resources and employs them as it naturally would, sending them directly to the source of the issue. This is a stark con- trast to conventional medical techniques that often involve high-risk surgeries, long recovery periods and medications with potentially dangerous side effects.
Regenerative treatments are allowing patients to  nal- ly  nd pain relief after years of futile efforts to manage the pain. Furthermore, the pain relief is lasting because the body has actually regenerated and healed to a better con- dition. Considering this is all done using minimally invasive techniques, it’s easy to see why people are willing to step outside the traditional medical world to see what RestoraL- ife can do for them.
dition, consider scheduling a complimentary consultation with RestoraLife today to  nd out if these treatments are right for you. Find out how you can take back control of your life from chronic pain and start living the way you want. Find out how surgeries can be avoided and how activity levels can increase with little to no downtime. Rediscover the life you know you’re supposed to be living.
See page 54 for details on this month’s educational semi- nars.
To reserve your spot or take advantage of the free consul- tation, please contact us at (321) 610 – 1848 or  nd us online at SS
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Elvis to  aunt his superstar status but “he turned out to be the best guy in the world to work with.”
When not looking back and sharing Hollywood memo- ries, Marlyn continues to look forward to more  lmmaking. “It’s not about the length of the  lm or even the role. I just love to keep working!”
Her current ‘bucket list’ also contains three additional life goals. “I want to be feeling good – not sick – when I die and I want to be the next Betty White, still working at 95.”
Finally, she adds jokingly, “and I want to be the sole surviving Elvis leading lady – there are about 18 of them left who I have to kill off! But seriously, I’ll be 78 this year, I’ve had a good life, and have nothing to cry about.”
Nick Thomas teaches at Auburn University at Mont- gomery, Ala, and has written features, columns, and inter- views for over 650 newspapers and magazines. SS
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