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Our Community’s Past
By South Brevard Historical Society
The area now known as Mel- bourne was once the home of Paleo-Indians and as well as a variety of creatures such as mam- moths, mastodons, ground sloths and saber-tooth cat bones. Fast forward about 10,000 years to the time immediately after the Civil War when both confederate troops and former slaves settled in the area. Moving forward, the area grew as transportation moved off the lagoon and onto trains and roads. Now this area is involved in designing and building commer- cial and military jets, satellites and other high technology machines. Highlighting our history is the goal at the South Brevard Historical Society as we also support efforts that keep reminders of the past available to school kids and inter- ested adults.
It is wonderful that places like the Florida Power and Light Com- pany’s Ice House, Eau Gallie Yacht Club, and the Rossetter House
are already designated “historic properties”. We are hopeful that the organization currently working hard to preserve the historic Wells House, known as Green Gables (http://www.savegreengables. org/), is successful in its efforts. Although we do not have near
the historic places and homes like Savanah, this area’s history is com- pelling because of the people who called this area home had trans- formed such a dif cult place to live into a thriving community.
Writing non- ction or historical  ction books about the area can also serve to create interest where one lives. Ms. Sarah A. Younger has done just that in her book “A Bend in the Straight and Narrow: A Woman’s Journey into the Heart of the Florida Frontier”. As our fea- tured speaker for March, she will present the highlights of her book
as well as tell us about her ances- tors who called this part of the state their home. Her historical  ction book highlights the strength of women during the Civil War era. Sally, the main character, is forced to evacuate to Florida and  nds that circumstances make her the leader of a small group of women, children and her elderly father-in- law. This book tells of the dan- gers of the trip as well as establish- ing a community in a state where sweltering heat, mosquitoes, alligators and poisonous snakes are all around. I encourage you to attend this program on March 10th at the Melbourne Public Library (540 E. Fee Avenue, Melbourne) from 3:00pm – 4:15pm.
Please be sure to visit our web- site (http://southbrevardhistory. org/aroundbrevard.html) to read more about south Brevard’s histo- ry as well as to read our “Around Brevard” for “where to go and what to do in Brevard”. SS
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