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As I age, my list of prescribed medications con- tinues to grow. What are some tips for keeping every- thing straight?
It’s easy to get off schedule, take the wrong dos- age, administer medication incorrectly or mix up your medications when you are taking multiple prescrip- tions. Use these tips to stay on course.
Get into a routine
Consistently taking your medication after breakfast, at bath time or right before you go to bed can be helpful. Connecting a daily event with your medication intake will help you associate one with the other.
Ask questions
When starting a new medication, be sure to ask your physician or pharmacist these questions:
• What are the possible side effects?
• Why am I taking it?
• How long should I be taking this medicine? • Are there any special instructions?
Set Reminders
Staying on schedule and keeping up with the direc- tions, can feel overwhelming. Try keeping a journal or logging your medication intake on a calendar. Cross off
After my surgery, I just wanted to get back into the swing of things.
each dose or place a check mark for after each dose. Utilizing pill alarms, that beep or vibrate and weekly or monthly pill boxes are inexpensive ways to stay on track.
Improve Visibility
Medication labels are often small and dif cult to read. To ensure you are seeing the label correctly, use proper lighting and wear glasses or use a magni- fying glass. You can even request larger labels.
Ask for Assistance
For caregivers and those living alone or suffering from memory issues or a chronic illness, medication management can, in time, become too cumbersome. If the time comes, a home health agency can: ad- minister medication, create a medication schedule, coordinator and pick up/deliver re lls and provide education about prescriptions.
Beware of Dangerous Combinations
Certain supplements, foods and medications can cause medications to be ineffective or have negative reactions, such as increasing the potency. If you feel that you are experiencing a negative reaction, imme- diately contact your physician or dial 9-1-1. SS
VNA ANSWER NURSE Medication Safety for Seniors
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When your doctor recommends home healthcare, choose the VNA.
After a surgery, injury or hospital stay, your doctor may recommend home healthcare services to help you recover in the comfort and safety of your home. When this happens, you have a choice as to which home health agency you use – choose the VNA.
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