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Dear Friends,
We held the raffle of the 1951 Ford Victoria at the American Muscle
Car Museum on February 10. It was a tremendous success, raising over $50,000 for Helping Seniors. More than 1,200 people attended the event. All the wonderful food and 95% of the donated wine was consumed. The car was won by a local person, Mr. James Lawler, who
will listen to an offer if a serious collector is interested in the car. To contact him, please call us at 321-473-7770.
Since the only way you can view the car collection at the museum is to attend a charity event there, stay tuned to see if we have another event later this year or in 2019. We would be most pleased to have you as one of our participants. The American Muscle Car Museum is something you want to see.
Our success was made possible by the huge number of people who made a donation for tickets. I know many obtained tickets because they wanted to win the car, but there were also a large number who wanted to help us help seniors. And, it is by developing this spirit of partnership that our community will build successful nonprofits to help those in need.
A.J. Hiers, the donor of our car, is currently raffling a beautifully cared for 1969 Plymouth Barracuda to help the County Sheriff’s Fund. Go to Boniface-Hiers website to check out the ’69 Cuda, as it is quite a car and also a collector’s item.
We have just started 2018 and have a grant from the City of Palm Bay to assist people in Palm Bay who need the type of information and education that we are able to provide. If you need help, call Kay our information specialist, at 321-473-7770.
Time flies, but for those who need assistance, it can be a slow, fretful passage. We know that dollars for care assistance are in huge demand, so it is important that people who can afford to make financial donations to deserving nonprofits do so. While large donations are most helpful, I assure you that every donation adds up and helps make a difference. Pick several charities (we ask you to think local!) and support them. Thanks for your help.
Joe Steckler
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