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Riverview Senior Resort A Place to Call Home Jacquie Esterline Director of Community Relations #AL12862 ECC
WOW! It’s the first word that is often uttered when folks enter our building and are in front of the spectacular view of the Indian River lagoon that is before them.
Music is playing lightly in the background and the sound of residents and staff enjoying the comfort and promise of the day ahead of them. The view of the dolphins playing, the many birds flying thru the air surveying what is under the water for them to catch is in direct view and at times almost within reach.
Riverview is enriched by friendships that are made from the time you walk in the door. Residents are eager to welcome everyone that comes thru the door. The dining room allows people to get together and enjoy one another’s company all day long or sit at a table and watch the dolphins play. Activities abound on the floor above sometimes seen while looking up at the balcony or heard from the sounds of laughter from people playing pool, a musical entertainer or people just sharing a funny moment.
The important elements to calling RiverView Home, is the ability to provide the help a person needs while living in their own apartment, furnished the way they want it to be furnished. Resdients are able to take advantage of an active or quiet lifestyle when they want with many activities that are available based on what they like to do. The advantage of knowing where you live should needs change, your needs can be met and you can stay home. RiverView has the highest license available to an Assisted Living to allow “Aging in Place.”
Home is a place to call your own no matter where you are when you live at RiverView. Your friends and family are always welcome to visit and join you in the dining room, an activity or your apartment.
Join us and experience your own WOW moments and call RiverView home.
Identifying Assisted Living Facilities
Elaine Deremer Cook, President HandyPro of the SpaceCoast
Brevard County has the most Assisted Living Facilities in the state of Florida and they range from small homes serving 5-6 residents to large facilities serving hundreds of residents.
Each facility has a character that provides something special that appeals to certain people. Some people like the family type atmosphere of a small group home, while others like the many activities that are offered at the larger facilities. In Brevard County the choices are hugely varied.
But this type of living is still relatively new and we are learning how to improve these facilities all the time. To ensure we implement the lessons we learn, our legislature works to change the state codes and statutes. These codes and statutes affect how each facility is built, maintained and managed.
Navigating through the many types of codes and statutes can be daunting, especially since there are different codes and statutes that apply based on the resident numbers, type of care each facility offers, and the building itself.
When working to identify whether the facility is within building, accessibility and fire codes it is best to locate a licensed contractor that has the certifications as well as the experience to help determine the best solution. This is especially important when considering renovation or remodeling of a property for use as an Assisted Living Facility.
Contact Helping Seniors of Brevard so they can help you locate the best professional for the job.
Elaine Deremer Cook is the President of HandyPro of the SpaceCoast in Merritt Island specializing in modifications for senior citizens and those with disabilities. Elaine is a licensed Professional Engineer and General Contractor. For more information, call 321- 637-8500.
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