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According to an AARP survey of 889 baby boomers, about 38% have created travel bucket lists, with just about half (51%) inclined to domestic travel and 43% looking to travel internationally. These days travel both domestic and international is more accessible than ever. Why is this you might wonder?
The depth and breadth of vendors available to my clients provides this opportunity. For instance, guided tours, independent touring, adventure travel or river cruises offers boomers quite a choice. Vendors accommodate various needs quite easily; these can range from customizing an itinerary down to the last detail, to dietary accommodations, mobility issues, volunteer opportunities, and immersive experiences.
A great example of this was the Avalon River Cruise that my husband and I took in December visiting Christmas Markets on the Danube River. The cruise line was able to accommodate each of our food allergies (egg and milk) without limiting what we could have. Our talks with other passengers revealed they too found the service excellent accommodating low sodium, vegan and other needs. Our guided tours afforded those who wanted an easier, gentle walking pace a group, while others could join more active groups if they wanted. There was always someone available to answer any questions we had or logistical concerns.
This is my goal when I work with my clients; finding out what experience they want, what challenges we might need to address (physical, dietary, budgetary), and so on. There truly is an experience for everyone, whether you’re exploring your own backyard or winding your way to exotic destinations. For more information, please contact me at 321-323-9835.
The Living Will
William A. Johnson, P.A. Elder Law Attorney
Everyone should have a plan in place as to what their wishes are and who is to carry them out in the event of incapacity. Incapacity has many guises. Incapacity can result from a stroke, a heart attack, Alzheimer's disease, psychoses, mental illness, coma, and many other conditions. One of the essential legal documents that is needed to protect the legal rights of yourself and your loved ones if an incapacity event should occur is the living will.
This document protects loved ones and health professional from having to make hard decisions or even going to court should the maker suffer from a variety of incurable and costly medical ailments such as terminal illness, brain damage, and coma. The living will spells out the wishes of the maker with regard to medical treatment, life support, and palliative care should these ailments or conditions occur. In doing so, this document protects loved ones and valuable estate assets. The Florida Statutes were amended in 2011 to carry new definitions for "end-stage condition," "terminal condition," and "persistent vegetative state," terms normally used in a living will.
If you have not executed a living will, then your wishes may have to be proven from statements that you have made in the past. Putting your wishes in writing protects you and your loved ones. And keep in mind that before a living will can be utilized, two physicians must certify in writing that certain conditions exist.
Travel with Ease
Carrie Bryniak, CTA, CATP Travel Professional, Must Love Travel
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