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Dear Mom & Me,
My great aunt and grandmother are both widows, and
live in my grandmother’s home. My sister and I each have two toddlers ages 1 to 4. We are having dif culties in our marriages, so we must work. These ladies have cared for our children
since they were born, but now they want us to make other arrangements. They want to go and play bingo, attend church socials and volunteer in the community.
We feel since other family members are not available, they are being very sel sh and should continue volunteering for us. After all, they are very old, seventy and seventy-two, so they should be staying home with family and watching TV not out among strangers. What do you think?
Dee & Donna
Dear Dee and Donna
I think you two young women are the sel sh ones and hats off to your grandmother and great aunt for standing up for themselves! They are probably fed up with baby tending and want some fun for a change.
You have been most fortunate, be grateful. Go  nd yourself other day care or arrangements for your children. I hope the gals enjoy every minute of their new freedom.
By the way seventy and seventy-two is no longer old, just late middle age. Audrey
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I certainly do not agree with the thought that once someone reaches a certain age they should stay inside and not lead an active life. I often hear comments from my peer generation that older folks should be staying in their homes. It is a stereotype that older folks either cannot or are not interested in living an active life.
I think family is important in times of crisis. I would try my best to make other arrangements within the extended family.
If no solution can be found you will have to  nd other day care arrangements. Your great aunt and grandmother should be free to enjoy more social activities.
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Mom & Me by Audrey & Kimberley

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