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It seems like we have entered the season for health fairs and expos. As always, we participate in most of these and love to meet so many of our readers. We are constantly amazed at our readers’ active life style, community involvement and attention to the world around us. We also enjoy the complements about Senior Scene Magazine and the recognition of our place in the community. Speaking of health fairs and expos, check out the information about upcoming events on page 59.
Have you recently stopped to think what a great place Brevard County is? Great weather, community events, shopping, schools, elder services, on and on. It’s so easy to gripe if it goes below 60 degrees or if we get stuck in 5 minutes of traf c. For those of us with roots up North, it’s easy to forget about 12 inches of snow or an hour commute. So enjoy what we have here and spread the smile.
I hope all of you are enjoying our facebook page. We continuously use it to provide current news and information to our readers. If you haven’t joined yet, it’s never too late. Enjoy!
Sometimes a diversion is in order and the Space Coast has a lot to offer. Check out our Community Calendar, starting on page 48 for more information. You can look through all of the events, consider a movie, enjoy some comfort food and enjoy March.
See you next month.
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