Adaptive Sports Get VA Grant

by Freddy Groves


The Department of Veterans Affairs is putting up $8 million for grants

to providers of adaptive sports opportunities for disabled veterans and

members of the armed forces.


A lot goes into providing events and opportunities: training, supplies,

coaches, equipment, recreation therapists, program development and more,

right in the veteran’s community. For more advanced athletes, there

are the Paralympic and adaptive sport programs on regional and national

levels. The grant money will be very welcome and might even result in

additional programs being created across the country. (In addition, when

training for the Paralympics, there’s a monthly training allowance.)

A few examples of upcoming events: Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego,

Sept. 7- 12; Tee Tournament in Iowa City, Iowa, Sept. 8-11; Warrior Games

in Colorado Springs, Colo., Sept. 28-Oct. 4; Creative Arts Festival in

Milwaukee, Oct. 27-Nov. 2.


To learn more about these events, go online to

If you wonder if one of the adaptive sports programs is for you (or

someone you know), go to the website and click around. Look at the Mission

Re-Defined video. (Warning: There is a 3-second IED explosion at the 25-

second mark on the video. It passes quickly.)


To find ongoing activities and sports clubs near you, click on Search by

Location and put in your ZIP code. (Don’t search by your state because I

found at least one that was misfiled.) You’ll see a list of clubs along

with contact information, including phone and email. Click on each entry

to see which activities are offered and which disability groups are



The variety of available activities is wide ranging: paddle sports,

basketball, shooting, wheelchair tennis, rugby, water skiing, cross-country

skiing and much more. There’s something for everyone.


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