Alex’s Paint Shop

Doug Scarborough


During the 40s, 50s and 60s, if you had a bent fender or needed an auto paint job, Alex’s

Paint Shop was the place to go. Alex Scarborough opened his original business at the end

of World War II after serving in a civil service position at Banana River Naval Air

Station. It was located on Main Street (near the water tower) for several years. That

corrugated metal building still stands. In the early 50s Alex moved his shop to West King

Street. It operated there until Warren Wooten Ford purchased the property. Alex worked

for the Ford place for a while. Then he opened up a new shop just off Clearlake Road at

Sue Street. He ran that business until his death in late 1968.


No matter where it was located Alex’s Shop had a reputation for doing a first class job of

body repair and auto painting. But it was more than a great place to get your car fixed.

Many high school students and young men of the community often gathered there to visit

and to work on their own cars. It has been said that Alex could have been a rich man if he

had charged for all his time, materials, and tool use. I think, however, he was indeed a

man for he had the love and respect of those young men. I am sure they all have fond

memories of those wonderful years working on their cars at Alex’s Paint Shop.


When the Cocoa Racing Association was formed in the late forties, Alex was a part of

that also. Many of the racecars were painted at the Main Street shop and some were even built

next door at E. M. Crisman’s Machine Shop. There was much camaraderie among the

drivers, owners, and mechanics. A good time was had by all. Perry Crockett built his

fabulous custom Ford there and later when Dick Granger built the famous “Salt Water

Trout Capitol of the World” parade float, he painted it at Alex’s Paint Shop.


I could go on and on with names of people and projects, and I’m sure some of you could

add to the list with stories I’ve forgotten or never heard, but they would have the same

end. Alex’s Paint Shop is a nice memory. Alex was my uncle and I loved him.



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