Getting the Poop on Poop-Eating

By Sam Mazzotta

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I recently read an article that said to use Super B complex to stop stool eating in dogs. Have you heard of this? My veterinarian has not. If so, what is the dosage? The article I read referred to golden retrievers, but my dogs weigh 35 to 45 pounds. I don’t want to overdose them.
— Dianne E., via email

DEAR DIANNE: Poop-eating, known scientifically as copraphagia, is a troublesome habit in which dogs will sniff and eat their own stools or those of other animals. As you can imagine, this behavior is not only disgusting but potentially unhealthy. And it sure makes you not want to kiss your dog. Copraphagia is such a big problem that there are entire websites devoted to it. Vernon Lee’s is one such site. It’s clearly laid out and offers plenty of information both on possible causes of the behavior — from
health issues to attention-seeking — and ways to deter it.

As far as giving your dog a B complex supplement, it appears to address the possibility that a dog is not getting enough of certain nutrients, including vitamin B, which is leading to his behavior. B vitamins are found naturally in foods like liver, kidney, heart, eggs and kelp, and in ingredients like yeast and wheat germ. Pet stores and health-food stores both sell B complex supplements for both humans and dogs.
The vitamin supplement is water-soluble and tends to break down quickly when exposed to air or water, so according to some advocates, an overdose is unlikely. However, you should check dosage rates for your dogs through their vet, or a holistic practitioner, or by searching on the Internet or visiting
manufacturers websites for recommended amounts.

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