Meet The Real Pat Boone: Humanitarian, Husband, Dad and Businessman

By George Khoury

Pat Boone, who will be 78 years young this June, must be a master of time management. You have seen the performer on the old Ed Sullivan show that juggled chain saws or has a half dozen spinning plates on a stick and somehow was successful at this delicate balancing act. Pat Boone does it daily and with style, humanity, and grace.

Speaking from his Los Angeles office recently, you had the sense that while focusing on the telephone interview, Pat was also doing many other things at the same time. “I have no typical day. Each day is a terrific potpourri of opportunities and projects that are worthwhile. I am involved in helping develop Israeli tourism, a Bible translation project, developing a United States Blood Donors data base. This registry will help blood banks identify donors and their locations easily,” Pat said. In addition, he performs almost twenty-five concerts a year and is redirecting his food company toward broader national markets. “We tried selling quality foods through the internet but it didn’t work out. Now we are working with Wal-Mart and Costco about a new marketing approach that will sell directly to retailers. It is based on the idea of Paul Newman’s food company.”

Two other projects seem to have Pat’s attention. “We are establishing a theater in Myrtle Beach where people can come and see family-oriented shows. Right now it is moving along slowly because of the economy but it will be completed. I am also interested in the development of a car that runs on compressed air. I have met with scientists and the technology has been tested and it is possible. It is starting manufacturing in India. There is zero pollution. I am very excited about this safe and smart technology.”

But let’s see, is this the same Pat Boone who has sold 45 million records, and had 38 Top 40 hits, and acted in 12 films, and is a Best-Selling author? Did you also know he is a regular political columnist for World Net He tackles such topics as current politicians, religion, the separation between church and state, abortion, the death penalty and the problems with public education.

“I came out of the closet years ago as a senior citizen. I became a spokesman for 60Plus. It is a conservative organization that was created in response to AARP which has become too liberal. We saw that people who paid into Social Security and Medicare were having their benefits cut. I also saw that the government’s estate tax or “Death Tax” was robbery. You are taxed on what you earn and then when you die, the government can take half of your estate and then cause your family problems. In many cases the family, if they have a business, must sell the business just to pay for the taxes. We must abolish the estate tax. It was natural to expand into writing about these issues.”

For over 27 years he has hosted the Pat Boone Show. It is a national radio program that features Christian music. He has over a half million listeners every month. He directs his own record company, owns a television station and has been a part owner of a basketball franchise.

Since the 1970s, Pat and his Shirley have helped solve the food crisis in Cambodia by developing the Mercy Corporation. To date it has raise over $200 million in assistance. He has served as the Chairman of Pepperdine University’s Advisory Board for twelve years.

“When I started I wanted to be a high school teacher. I went on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour and the Arthur Godfrey Show and kept being asked back. A record producer found me and wanted to record me. I was ready to sing Perry Como, Bing Crosby or Eddie Fisher type songs. He had me singing Rock and Roll! I did covers of Fats Domino and Little Richard. It helped get their music played on a more national basis and opened up new markets for them to become known as well as enjoy royalties. Fats Domino once called men on stage and lifted his finger for all to see and said, ‘Pat Boone bought me this diamond ring.’ He meant that because of the royalties from his song, “Ain’t That a Shame,” I had a hit and he also made money.”

Pat Boone has always worked hard and placed himself in God’s hands. “ I avail myself to God for him to sort out things he wants me to do. I try to make myself useful to others and everything works out.”

Youthful and bursting with energy, his health regime is simple. “I drink V-8 Fusion, bike, play singles tennis and swim. I have been taking MDR vitamins and Vital Factors which has been shown to slow the aging process or help reverse aging. I’ve been taking everything for ten years and feel great and I am afraid to quit now.”

Always focused on success, Pat graduated with honors from Columbia University, had the number one television show, a beautiful wife and four children and all at 23 years old. Pat has been in Billboard’s Top 40 Artists at number 9 for performers from 1955-1995. If you Google Pat, 1.9 million citations pop up.

He hosts a golf tournament to help children of families in crisis and been involved in an organization that has assisted over 300,000 Jews from the Iron Curtain emigrate to Israel.

In an entertainment industry that grinds up stability and creates challenges to marriages, Pat and Shirley Boone have been married 55 years, raised four daughters and enjoy 15 grandchildren. They have also lived in the same home for 40 years.

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