Semper Fi Fund

by Freddy Groves


Grab your checkbook. I hope by the time you finish reading this, you’ll be

ready to cut a check to the Semper Fi Fund.


In spite of the name, SFF helps post-9/11 veterans from all the services.

They cover family support, adaptive housing and transportation, special

equipment, rehabilitative sports and so much more for injured and

critically ill service veterans, as well as families of active-duty



Unlike many veterans “help” organizations, this one is mostly made up of

either retired military or spouses of military personnel. In fact, it was

one of those spouses who started SFF nine years ago.


The Semper Fi Fund ( has garnered what so many

veterans help groups haven’t: a four-star rating by Charity Navigator and

an A-plus rating on CharityWatch. According to its 2013 Annual Report,

only 6 percent of donations are spent on overhead.


In 2013 alone, it helped 5,472 service members and their families and

delivered 15,545 grants for a total of $14,559,793 in assistance. Here’s

a partial list of what that included: 92 adaptive vehicles, 2,277 Team

Semper Fi grants for rehabilitative athletics, 198 companion dogs, 160

camperships for the kids, 541 PTS/TBI devices, 16 grants for adaptive home

purchase, 6,286 family-support assistance grants, 2,733 medical-support

assistance grants and $1,151,777 from its America’s Fund, which supports

families of injured and critically ill service members.


Here’s where your checkbook comes in: SFF continues to receive

applications for help on a daily basis. Donations are needed, whether from

community fundraising events, golf tournaments, motorcycle runs … or

individuals. To write a check, go online to the SFF site and print out a

donations form. Write your check and mail it to:

Semper Fi Fund

825 College Blvd, Suite 102

PMB 609

Oceanside, CA 92057

For more information, call: 760-725-3680


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