Sick Cat Can’t Stop Pooping

By Sam Mazzotta

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My 8-year-old longhaired cat, “Buster,” has gas and diarrhea. He was given Flagyl for two months with no improvement. Then he took three months of probiotics, and no improvement. Now he gets 5 mg of
prednisone and 5 drops of Rescue Remedy daily. His butt has been shaved to help keep him clean, and I wash it once a day. Buster eats special cat food, but that doesn’t help his digestion either. We have quarter-sized circles of poop all over the house, and I am breaking my back cleaning the carpet and floor. My husband says to euthanize him. What more can I do? — Pat R., via email

DEAR PAT: Such long-term diarrhea is certainly cause for concern, and I know it can be intensely frustrating to care for and clean up after a sick cat. Please convince your husband to shelve the euthanasia suggestion, however. Buster sounds like he has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)– a term that describes a collection of symptoms, such as frequent (or constant) diarrhea, but not a specific cause.

Flagyl is a common treatment for IBD, as is prednisone. Rescue Remedy is a natural remedy to calm pets. Buster’s vet should run a number of tests, if he or she hasn’t already, to rule out bacterial infection, parasites or a metabolic condition. If a conclusive cause isn’t found, you must try and find ways to mitigate his symptoms.

The change in diet also is recommended in case a food allergy is the problem. You’re feeding Buster a specialty cat food, but if it isn’t working, try other brands or even try making home-cooked cat food.
Additional information can be found online. And realize you’re not alone: Many owners are caring for cats with IBD. Please don’t give up on Buster.

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