Tech Info for Seniors

by Matilda Charles


A benefit of being a senior is that we have more free time to learn new

things. One of the fastest-growing areas on our list of interests are all

things technological — computers, e-readers and smartphones.


The BDM Essential Guide Series has a large selection of magazine manuals

aimed at seniors and beginners who want to expand their knowledge of

electronic devices, or who are considering the purchase of electronic

gear and want to learn in advance how they’re operated. BDM’s manuals are

a combination of step-by-step tutorial and user guides. Here are a few of

the publications it offers: Laptops for Seniors, iPhones for Seniors,

Tablets for Seniors, Mac for Seniors, Google: A Guide for Beginners and

The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Android.


Another good source, in spite of its name, is the Dummy series. Each

manual is loaded with graphics, bold text and icons to bring your

attention to especially important information. On don’t miss

the “Computers for Seniors” and “Software for Seniors” sections. These

are basic articles ranging from how to fix your printer to how to use a



If you’re not a beginner, check the whole list of Dummy books. You’ll be

surprised at the variety of topics. Read “Blogging for Dummies” if you

want to have a platform for a topic near and dear to your heart,

or “Building a Web Site for Dummies” if you want an Internet presence. Or

how about “eBay for Seniors for Dummies” as a way to build an online

store and make a profit on items you want to sell?


If you’re part of a senior center that gives classes on computer use, ask

if it would consider buying some of these materials to have on hand. Or

check your local bookstore or at the library.


Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader

questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible.


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