A Good Story (and Lesson) for Lent

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian

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Rev Jeff Wood



  • I like the story Rebecca DeYoung shares.  It is of a family who was driving to Florida for Spring Break.  Excited, off they started.  It was a good and happy beginning.  Until traffic snarled.  They did not realize that their route took them through three of the four cities that were hosting the NCAA Basketball Quarterfinals.  Each slow down ate into their precious vacation. 

    They decided to get out of the inch-by-inch interstate traffic and try the more circuitous but hopefully faster country roads.  Indeed, the forty miles an hour they achieved seemed truly fast.  Then another, another slowdown! 

    The cars, even on this rural road, were lined up and moving slowly.  Puzzled and frustrated, the mother yelled, “What the heck is going on?”  Then at a turn and through the trees they could see up ahead a man walking down the road.  There was a small group behind him.  When she saw this, she shouted incredulously, “Some jerk up there is walking in the road!  Who the h____ does he think he is?!”

    A few minutes later their car was able to creep around the man, who they now saw wore a tunic … and more.  He was a man, who for that Lent was carrying a giant cross on his back to some destination somewhere, with a few members of his church devoutly praying behind him.  As they drove by the sweaty-faced man with a crown of thorns and a big cross on his back, the daughter said with hushed tones, “Mommy, you cursed Jesus.”

    You know, the simple take away from this story is perhaps to just slow down.  Move too fast and your curse a lot of things. 

    Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian of Sebastian, 1405 Louisiana Ave, 32958

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