COVER STORY – A Local Artist of Many Talents

Our cover artist for April is local talent Patsy Skipper. She is a person of many talents and we are pleased to have her on our cover. You can learn more about Patsy, in her own words. Enjoy!

My love for art was greatly influenced by growing up in Florida. I was given the unique opportunity to view some of the best that nature had to offer and wanted others to see the beauty that I felt so passionate about. I spent most of my life living in Kissimmee where what we call old Florida was intriguing about the way majestic cypress trees stood within the swamp wetlands.

I have always felt connected to my subjects whether they are portraits, landscapes or seascapes. Now living on this beautiful island in Indialantic the sea is calling my name and feeling right at home. Mermaids are fascinating to me for they are so whimsical and free to folic in the sea. I like to capture a glimpse of their innocence and strength.

Today my art has evolved to a place where I am comfortable knowing that what I‘m able to put onto the canvas is so much more than what I see with my eyes. It is a representation of not only the scene, the person place or thing; it is a representation of the passion that I feel inside for my subject.

My love for art has extended into my professional life where I am a board certified permanent makeup artist This profession has given me the opportunity to have the capacity to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

You can see more of Patsy’s art work at, especially a collection of paintings done in the Avacos, before the hurricane, of places that no longer exist. Also visit