VNA Answer Nurse: Q&A, Diabetes

Paula Thibideau is a Licensed Practical Nurse with the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) and coordinates all aspects of community wellness for the non-profit home healthcare agency.

My husband recently had a stroke and was referred to a speech therapist. How can a speech therapist help?

A stroke can damage the part of the brain that controls language and a person’s ability to communicate. Individuals may not be able to make their needs known or may struggle to find words, confuse words or mumble. A speech therapist can help a patient relearn language and, also, learn to use different forms of communication.

Q: Do stroke patients always receive rehabilitation?

A: A doctor determines the need for rehabilitation. It’s based on what’s happened as a result of the stroke. For example, some individuals may know what they want to say and can’t find the words; some individuals may slur their words; and others may have difficulty swallowing. Speech therapy rehabilitation may include exercises and activities which help strengthen speech and vocal muscles and improve swallowing.

Q:  What are the warning signs of a stroke?

A:   One acronym used to identify symptoms is F.A.S.T.

  • F – Face: When you smile does your face droop?
  • A – Arms: When you lift your arms does one arm flail?
  • S – Speech: When you try to speak does your speech slur?
  • T – Time: If you are experiencing symptoms, time is critical, call 911

Q: Is speech therapy available through home health care?

A:  Home health care can provide skilled nursing and the following therapies: speech, occupational and physical therapy. Physicians refer home health care and patients must be considered home bound. Home Health can be paid for through Medicaid, Medicare and/or through some private insurances. 

Q:  Are there community resources for caregivers?

A:  One of the most important things a caregiver can do is seek support. Though rewarding, being a caregiver can be overwhelming. Check with local hospital, senior center or home care organization for a stroke support group.

This article is intended for educational purposes only. For specific concerns, please speak with your doctor.

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