Embodied Spirits Thoughtfully Enjoy

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian

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Rev Jeff Wood



  • I said last month that enjoying God’s gifts runs into enjoying God himself.  And, as a wife is most praised by her husband’s delight in her, so God is most praised by our delight in him. 

    Delighting big-time in God’s good gifts sounds like it could get pretty self-indulgent.  Here’s a caveat – we’re not talking about enjoying bullying, or cheap sex, or unchecked greed that hurts others, or eating candy until you have diabetes.  We’re talking about sinking our teeth into the highest, deepest, most enduring pleasures and these will always be regulated by caring for our, and others’ and the planet’s, well being.   So some thought is involved in this answer of what we enjoy deeply.  That’s part of what it means to be a church, I believe.  We think together about such things.

                Speaking of thought, we’re talking with enjoying about something with more than thought.  Not without thought but also more than thought.  There is a humongous difference between knowing the molecular structure of honey and tasting honey on your tongue.  Enjoyment is thought and taste, cerebral and sensual.  In this Christian faith of ours, we are not talking about disembodied souls but embodied spirits.  God made the flesh.  God became flesh.  We enjoy life and God truthfully and sensually.  Head and heart.  Soul and body. Thoughts and affections.  Regard and exclamation. 

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