Exercise and Analyze

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian

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Rev Jeff Wood



  • We’ve come through a feasting season and now everyone is signing up for the health club.  We’re setting our sights on fitness and slimness. It is good that we do so.  We need to do it with some thoughtfulness about our whole orientation toward food and alcohol.  After all we live in a world where supersizing is generally available, where there is cookbook after cookbook after cookbook and diet book after diet book after diet book, where Betty Crocker has surrendered to Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsey, the Iron Chef, the Master Chef, and the Naked Chef, where food that was once limited in amounts is now in a seemingly endless supply in Club Warehouses, where food was once limited in variety and people ate potatoes three times a day is now an entire 100 foot aisle of just cereal.  We live in a world where booze is a part of almost every sporting event and every social occasion.   Exercise but also analyze where you are with food and drink.  What is your relationship with them?

                    The faiths of the Abrahamic tradition had both the manna provided in the desert and a promised land of milk flowing with honey.  For those of the Christian trajectory of that tradition, we follow Jesus who fasted for 40 days starting his ministry and ate fish beside the Sea of Galilee in his resurrected form at its end.  So there is the going without and having the simple.  There is the anticipation of feasts, and even the thought that in our resurrected state, we will eat.  The traditions also speak of wine that makes the heart glad.   But, also, how too much drink leads to a wasting live. 

    As we burn calories and diet in 2022, look to God who made us, how we work best, and to whom we come asking for our daily bread.

    Rev. Jeff Wood  First Presbyterian, 1405 Louisiana Ave, Sebastian FL / Sunday Service 10 am

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