Fourth of July Celebrations in 2022

by Donn Weaver, Council Chairman

Independence Day 2020 had few celebrations in the midst of the initial pandemic restrictions.  July 4th in 2021 saw many more, but still they seemed muted and were fewer in number than we in Brevard have come to enjoy and expect.  No such worries on Monday, July 4th of 2022 as Independence Day Celebrations are Back in Brevard Big Time.  .

At least three major parades are planned in Melbourne, Merritt Island and Titusville, and so are numerous concerts and over a dozen fireworks displays at initial count.  Not to mention the thousands of beach parties, family picnics and other celebrations. 

As of early June a number of entries for MI were already signing up including:  A trailer containing members of the Sons, Daughters and Children of the American Revolution in period costume; American Legion and Aux units; VMC led by Pres Dean Schaaf and a WWII era Jeep;    Cape Canaveral Chapter of MOAA units; numerous special BCSO and BCFD units and much more.  It should be great.

As that weekend approaches check for the events near you and CELEBRATE.  While many worry about the current economic or political situation in our country, the United States of America is like no other and worthy of coming together and actively celebrating that we live here anytime, especially on the Fourth of July.  

One event has a special focus in recognizing and honoring our First Responders, Active Duty Military and Veterans: The Fourth annual Merritt Island BCSO/VMC Independence Day Parade.  The last two years the MI Parade was static along route 520 in from off the Merritt Island Mall.  Many cars passed by in two hours with passengers waving flags and blowing horns, but there is nothing more American than watching a Fourth of July Parade pass by in review.  

This year the Parade will have BOTH:  Route of March from MIHS to Edgewood Jr/Sr HS along Courtney Blvd moving south, but also static displays of many of the entrants at the Veterans Memorial Center and Park as the parade ends and the music, food, festivities and a giant VMC/BCSOP/MI Block Party begins — 1100-1230. Still plenty of time for family events and fireworks on that day!!

Check it out our just celebrate anywhere as we pause and relish what being an American is all about.