Good Deeds Foundation: Three Missions In One

by Donn Weaver, Council Chairman

The Cape Canaveral Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAACC) is the largest MOAA Chapter in the country and takes great pride in supporting veteran related causes in Brevard.  Their Good Deeds Foundation (GDF) presented a very special check for $4100 at 0230 on Saturday, 02 April,   to the President of the Space Coast Honor Flight (SCHF), RADM Jim Hart, USN Ret.  This Mission began last summer when GDF worked with SCHF,  the Florida Tech (FIT) Army ROTC Instructor,  LTC Jimmy Crook, USA (also a MOAACC member), and Dr. Richard Elmore of FIT’s doctoral program in behavioral sciences,  to find a way with one major grant to help THREE of the organizations GDF supports.

Here GDF President CPT Donn Weaver, USA Fmr, presents the symbolic check to RADM Hart while many of the 25 veterans and 25 guardians headed to DC the same day look on.  

The concept was simple, but needed support and coordination:  send five FIT ROTC Cadets and five veterans at FIT taking a special program designed by FIT and the VA to lead to VA jobs to support veterans in need in their future careers, to be guardians.  They would spend 18 hours with and get to know WWII, Korean and Vietnam War veterans flying to Wash, DC with the SCHF to see THEIR monuments, many for the first time.  

GDF has supported SCHF for many years, but, as RADM Hart said when accepting the check, using this system of direct linkage to future soldiers and current veterans from FIT gives the SCHF program and the guardians’ unforgettable connections.  SCHF, FIT and GDF hope to continue this unique grant into 2023, but for 2021-22, almost all of the SCHF’s seven mission will have one or two FIT students aboard.