Helping Seniors Salutes Founder

We are so thankful to everyone in Brevard who stands with us in HELPING SENIORS. And, as we move into our tenth year of service, we are so appreciative of Joe Steckler, our president and founder, who fights tirelessly for the 50% over age 50 in our community. 

Joe Steckler receives Award

Even after “retiring” from there, he sought to raise awareness of available programs by creating Helping Seniors in 2011, which has since served thousands of people through its free senior helpline, senior services directory, advocacy council, and media programs.

Joe recently had knee replacement surgery and is now in rehab, working hard to regain mobility in both legs. While he concentrates on his recovery, the Helping Seniors’ staff and Board of Directors wish to share their gratitude for Joe.

Ed Fleis, Treasurer: I have had the pleasure of working with Joe at Helping Seniors since inception. He is a very caring person and is happiest when he witnesses elderly seniors benefitting due to the organization’s efforts. Your vision has enabled a great many of people to improve and enjoy their senior years. Thank you, Joe.

Jennifer Helin, Secretary: Joe isn’t afraid to jump in to help in any situation. A year or so ago, the residents of Trinity Towers were having a problem with busses dropping them off far from their normal shopping plaza, in the summer heat. Joe immediately made a few calls and brought attention to the problem in one of his weekly articles until it was resolved.

Stephen K. Cusick, Captain USN (Retired), Board Member: Captain Joseph L. Steckler has been an inspiration to everyone who knows of his distinguished military record and tireless dedication to the cause of helping senior citizens. Joe’s life of service has been a personal inspiration to me. Indeed, his friendship will always be treasured by all who know him.

Nancy Deardorff, Board Member: Joe Steckler has spent his life in the service of others with no regard of what is in it for him, but rather, how can he make a positive difference in the lives of others. When many prepare to retire at age 65, Joe’s plan was to continue to serve others and he continues his mission today. Joe has taught me what a huge difference one person can make in the lives of others and in this world. 

Dennis Mannion, Board Member: I have known Joe Steckler for about 10-12 years. Joe dedicates his life to helping other people. Especially under privileged or less fortunate seniors. [He is] always on the phone answering questions for our seniors in need. I wish we could make a duplicate of Joe Steckler. However his footsteps are very large. We need someone to follow the footsteps of Joe Steckler.

Kerry Fink, Media Director: Having served with Joe since he began this good work we call Helping Seniors of Brevard, I am fascinated by his relentless enthusiasm and willingness to roll-up-his-sleeves for all things Seniors and, at 86, serves as an excellent role model for all of us to aspire to do good for our community at every stage in our lives.

Kim Bernard, Education Specialist: As a senior himself, Joe contributes his firsthand knowledge to our Brevard County elder population in need. He is an example of an exceptional individual who not only knows the needs of seniors but is dedicated to finding the solution to any problem.

Joe Steckler at Car Raffle Drawing

Marti Upton, Business Manager: It has been said that great leaders know how to create lasting relationships. They have a knack for making the people know they work with feel valued and appreciated. Joe is not just a great leader, he is family.

John Frederiksen, Newsletter Publisher: In the profession of Senior care, I have repeatedly seen a special kind of person that is uniquely compassionate, with a true concern for others. Joe is the embodiment of that person. His empathy is infectious, bringing those around him to a common purpose of helping Seniors in need. Best of health to Joe and may he achieve the goal he is so passionately pursuing.

You can send well wishes to Joe Steckler, c/o Helping Seniors of Brevard, P.O. Box 372936, Satellite Beach, FL 32937.