How To Get Your Certification & Medical Marijuana Card

The process to obtain a medical marijuana certification, get your state medical marijuana card, and purchase your medicine takes 3 steps:


Make an appointment with a qualified physician who has taken and passed the state required medical marijuana course. Qualified physicians have variable experience with medical marijuana and not all physicians have the same knowledge of medical marijuana usage and ability to educate the patient. State law mandates that all new patents and all transfer patients must see their physician in person, not by telehealth, for the first visit. The qualified physician will review your past medical history and evaluate your current signs and symptoms for possible medical marijuana therapy. If the qualified physician determines that you are a good candidate for medical marijuana, they will enter you into the State’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) and electronically place your orders for medical marijuana into the registry.


Once you are in the registry, you will receive 2 emails from the state.  The first is a confirmation email with your username (your email address) and the second is your temporary password to access the registry. You must reset your password. If you do not see them, check our junk mail. (If you cannot find the emails, go to the, click on forgot password, put in your email and they will email you another temporary password).

-Create a new Password: it must be 12 characters long, contain a Capital, lowercase, a number and special character.

-Once you have successfully reset your password, use the “Menu “button and login

-Click on “Your Card”

-Then, Click on “Begin Initial Application”

(If your photo appears, click “apply” twice) when you see the blank gray square, click “Supply Photo” and then “Check State ID” to bring over your Florid Driver’s License from DMV (If you are an out of state resident, you will need to supply a photo).

Scroll down to the second section, click “Proof of Residency” and then “Check state residency” and pull over your DMV information again, then click apply twice. (If you are an out of state resident, you will need to supply a proof of residency status). Out of state residence use 2 items such as cable bills, lease, bank statement)

Fill in your First and Last name in the bottom section exactly as it appears above the boxes and click the submit button, then the close button.

When the box appears in the third section, click the button “Make Payment online”. Click on the appropriate payment tab, fill in all information and submit. You will be charge $77.75. (If you do not see the continue button on the bottom right, slide the screen left). A second verification screen will appear, type in your email, and click the box, then submit.

You will receive an email in about one hour with your approval if you are able to use the DMV information. It may take up to 10-14 business days for approval if you must submit your passport picture or proof of residency. You will receive another email when approved. Your card will be mailed to you whenever it is printed.

You can also mail an application to:
             Office of Medical Marijuana Use

P.O. Box 31313

Tampa, FL 33631-3313



After you receive your approval from the state via email and your orders are placed in the registry by your qualified physician, you may go to any MMTC with your driver’s license or other form of State or Federal identification to purchase the medical that was recommended by your qualified physician.  The physical medical marijuana card will be mailed to your registry address in a couple weeks after you are approved.  You do not need the card to go to a dispensary.  Many dispensaries have the options of ordering online as well as going to their physical locations.  Some dispensaries offer the option of home delivery. 

Medical marijuana products are available in Low THC, Medical Marijuana with higher THC and Smokable Flower. Your access and types of routes available to you will be determined by what your qualified physician has ordered.

Can someone under 18 years old, like my grandchild, qualify for a medical marijuana card?

If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must accompany you to your visit with the doctor and ALL pediatric patients under 18 years old will require a second physician to recommend for evaluation of medical marijuana. The legal guardian is required to take the caretaker course and get their own Caretaker Medical Marijuana Card form the state. The Caretaker is the only one allowed to purchase, transport, and administer the medical marijuana medicine to the minor patient.

Concierge Compassionate Care was created an innovative approach to medical marijuana. This all-inclusive medical cannabis program allows each patient to obtain the maximum benefit from their medical cannabis therapy with an emphasis on patient education.

For more information regarding a medical marijuana card certification with qualifying conditions in the state of Florida, call 321-288-3873 or visit to schedule an appointment.