I’m a senior who wants to socialize. Any suggestions?

by Barbara Fradkin

A healthy social life is very important for seniors. The need for companionship, love and support does not diminish as we grow older! Regular social interaction helps keep us mentally, emotionally and even physically fit. It reduces the risk of depression, decreases anxiety, and helps maintain self-esteem. High levels of socialization in seniors can even positively influence longevity.

So what can seniors do to get out of a stay-at-home rut and be more social? There are many forms of social activity tailored for them, from technology-focused connections to outings and happy hours. Meeting other people you click with can be as easy as simply doing the things you already enjoy! Here are some suggestions from The Experts in Aging at One Senior Place.

  • Join an exercise class or walking group
  • Swimming or water aerobics classes
  • Hire a companion (if you live alone) and go out to lunch weekly
  • Check out the activities at your local senior center
  • Volunteer at the Zoo, library or hospice
  • Join a book club, travel club or social club
  • Take sewing, cooking or art lessons
  • Enroll in a math class or adult enrichment course

How about a part-time job doing something you like? It will allow you to meet people AND earn some extra income. For those living alone, it can be reinvigorating to once again be around others. To get your social juices flowing again, start with The Club for Active Seniors — Monday mornings at One Senior Place in Viera. Become a member to play card games, board games, drink coffee and meet some really nice people.

And if you’re ready to take the next step, mark your calendar for September 21 at 5:30 PM, when One Senior Place in Viera will host its first “Senior Single Mingle!” Enjoy champagne, hors d’oeuvres and a chance at prizes, all while meeting new friends. Call 321-751-6771.