OMG –our holiday visit! What should I do about my parents?

Not all holiday surprises are good ones. Often, adult children who do not live near their parents come home for a holiday visit and are concerned by what they see. Many talk to their parents on the phone weekly (or even daily) and assume that since they sound okay, they must BE okay. But when they finally see Mom and Dad in person during a holiday visit, other things become apparent. Perhaps their parents have lost weight, the home environment or pets may be neglected — or the parents are more frail or forgetful than they were just a year earlier.

As a Care Manager for One Senior Place, I get many phone calls at this time of year from the adult children of seniors who are desperate to learn about the different options for their parents. I often suggest coming in to talk with me as a family. We have a thorough discussion to find out what their “ideal” situation might look like — and if it is attainable (and sustainable). Sometimes we need to look at other options.

Do the elders need help getting to doctor’s appointments or meal preparation? Help getting dressed or showering? Medication management? Would they benefit from a weekly or monthly visit by a nurse? Importantly, is staying in their home alone a safe option?

Our discussion includes:

  • the current situation
  • whether health status is stable or declining
  • the assistance needed by the senior
  • communication/guidance for family
  • what benefits they may be eligible for
  • financial means to meet the situation
  • Advance Directives (up to date?) /estate plan?


The holidays can be both joyful and eye-opening. If you would like to schedule a free consultation at One Senior Place in Viera (or your loved one’s home), call me at 321-751-6771.