Professionally fit-by-prescription Hearing Aids vs Over-The-Counter

Recently the news about Over-The-Counter (O.T.C.) hearing aids has been a hot topic in the local and national news.

The fact is that the O.T.C. Hearing Instruments have been on the retail market since the late 1990’s. The generic name PSA, Personal Sound Amplifier is just that – an Amplifier!

The O.T.C. hearing aid, on the retail market today will improve some wearer’s hearing loss, only of mild -to -a slightly moderate hearing loss.

A professionally recommended Hearing Instrument is one that is fit by the Florida State Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. This is all together of great difference and importance for the maximum benefit to the hearing loss of that individual person.

A well fitted Hearing Instrument will greatly benefit the quality of life by being able to understand speech and sounds. With a well fit Hearing Instrument, more hearing loss can be delayed.

With the right prescription for Hearing Instruments, digitally programmed to the technology and compatibility of hearing aids the result is the best fit for that patient’s hearing loss needs. This is done on the computer, to maximize the hearing aid use to best fit that individuals Hearing health care needs.

At Personal Hearing Solutions, before any exam of hearing takes place we will first inspect the outer ear canal with a tool called an otoscope, or a video otoscope for any abnormalities, wax build up, etc. Next is the hearing test. This will be conducted with a licensed calibrated audiometer for the most accurate, hearing results to be done at that time.

We will then gather all that important information to determine if the person’s hearing loss is great enough to warrant the use of Hearing Instruments. We will finally and thoroughly go over all the options and recommendations, on an individual basis, pertaining to that persons hearing loss.


For any further inquiries about O.T.C. vs professionally fitted hearing aids best for individuals’ needs, please contact Sandra Wagner BC-HIS.

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