Richard Ficker


We are pleased to have Richard Ficker return to our December cover. In his own words –

Self Taught Artist Richard Ficker

Richard Ficker“I’m fundamentally a self-taught artist. I did take a variety of art classes in high school, and dabbled in commercial art soon after, but as life would have it my art career got put on a back burner, while I traveled the world, and later worked and raised a family.

I’ve always loved art, and thought like an artist, studying light, shadow, shape, and form. I would read about it, and frequent museums, always meaning to get back to painting. At the age of 49 realizing that no one really knows how much time they might have on this earth, I made the commitment to start painting, and in doing so rekindled an old passion.

I love to paint a variety of subjects. Some of my paintings have true heart felt meanings, some contain hidden images, some are for the pure joy of expressing my love for nature, and her many magical colors. You will find the reoccurring theme of water, and the ocean, in most of my work, as a lifelong surfer it’s what I know, and love.

Self Taught Artist Richard Ficker

My work is currently in: Breakers Art Gallery in Satellite Beach; Twin Finnegan’s Pub in Cocoa Beach. You can also see
my work at  I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I do creating it.”