Start With Listening

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian &

Rev Jeff Wood



  • In this time full of a year gone by and a year out ahead, we find ourselves too typically in a swirl of time. We have fast cars, fast food, and fast internet connections.  We have cell phones, drive-through pharmacies, and one-hour cleaners.  (We used to have one-hour photos but now with digital cameras we get our photos right away.)  And on those cell phones or computers we can do instant messaging.

    And yet in so many ways, for all the more we are doing, the less we seem to be.  For all the fuller our schedules, the emptier our lives.  I’d like to suggest that this is not a logistical matter but a spiritual one.  This isn’t about multi-tasking; it is about a roundedness’ of the soul.  This isn’t about a better day-timer, it is about better thinking … about us and God. 

    “God promised you perfect peace and rest, but you refused to listen.”  (Isaiah 28:12)   With God there is perfect peace and what do we have?  Hectic pace.  Why?  Because we have not listened, as creatures of time and space, to the one beyond time and space who made time and space.  With God there is perfect restfulness and what do we have?  Great restlessness.  Why?  Because we have not listened well to God.

    Start this year with listening.

    Pastor Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church, 1405 Louisiana Ave, Sebastian FL 32958  772-589-5656