The Unpardonable Sin?

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian &

Rev Jeff Wood



  • If you want to get depressed and go nuts to boot, think about winning the lottery but your billion-dollar winning ticket accidentally goes down the garbage disposal.  What a loss!  A billion dollars.  The only thing worse would be to think of missing heaven by an inch.  Everything forgiven and then that one sin I committed that was “unforgivable.”  Yikes!  Where does such an idea come from?  Jesus himself. 

                When Jesus says talks about an unforgiveable sin, he has been accused by Pharisees, of expelling a demon through a greater demonic power than that of the demon inhabiting the man.  Jesus points out that that is the equivalent of house divided against itself, and that’s a strategy for failure.  The predicament, it seems, is that when a liberator is considered a captor, and vice versa, how does one get set free?

                Whatever all this means here are two assurances.  First, you cannot miss heaven by an inch.  God and the angels are not watching us leap and then lamenting, “He was sooo close.”  You can miss it by a mile but not by an inch.  The God revealed in Jesus Christ is not this way.  Second, if you are concerned about committing the unpardonable sin, that in itself is a sign that you have not committed it.

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